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L-Arginine-L-Pyroglutamate CAS:56265-06-6<< 返回
Specific Rotation (α)D20o+16.5ºto +18.5º
Chloride (Cl)200 ppm Max
Transmittance95.0% Min
Ammonium(NH4)200 ppm Max
Sulfate(SO4)200 ppm Max
Iron(Fe)10ppm Max
Heavy Metals (Pb)10ppm Max
Arsenic(AS2O2)1ppm Max
Loss on Drying2.0% Max
Residue on Ignition (Sulfate)0.10% Max
Other Amino Acid1.0% max
Assay 98.5 to 101.5%
Total Aerobic Plate CountNMT 3000 CFU/g
Yeast and MoldNMT 100 CFU/g
ColiformNegative P 25/g
E.ColiNegative P 25/g
SalmonellaNegative P 25/g
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