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Aspirin-DL-Lysine CAS:62952-06-1<< 返回
AppearanceWhite Crystal Or White Crystalline Powder
Identification (Chemical Reaction)Positive
Identification (UV Spectrum)Max Absorption At 275nm To 279nm
pH4.5 To 6.5
Foreign Impurity VisibleConforms
Solution ClarityNot More Than #0.5 Turbialty Standard Solution as per CP2005
Solution ColourNot More Than #4 Colour Standard Solution as per CP2005
Chloride (Cl)0.012% Max
Heavy Metals (Pb)10ppm Max
Loss On Drying0.5% Max
Residue In Ignition0.1% Max
Dissociate HCl0.8% Max
ToxicityAs per CP2005
Sterile As per CP2005
PyrogenAs per CP2005
Assay (Acetylsalicylic Acid)54.1% to 56.3%
Assay(DL-Lysine)43.9% to 45.7%
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